Community Projects

Service Learning Community Project Expeditions

A World Youth Adventures Service Learning Community Project is a wonderful way to provide your students with the opportunity to combine experiential learning and community project opportunities which compliment your school's curriculum.


School Service Learning Community Projects offer a unique way to experience genuine cultural interaction while also providing real tangible benefits to underprivileged communities.


For example, working in remote villages side by side with the locals, your students can help to improve the lives of other people or the environment in a meaningful and sustainable way. The affected communities you’ll assist receive little or no government funding. Coupled with the dire economic predicament of these areas, the students work will be invaluable.


Talk to us about your next Community Project, read on or check our Tips for Volunteeering Overseas blog post for even more information.


The type of project will naturally depend on the region of the world and the specific needs requested by the communities we plan to work with. 


Examples of past projects include:


  • Classroom renovations in remote schools
  • Building of library or recreation areas for schools
  • Medical centre renovations
  • Waste management solutions
  • Teacher training and support
  • Animal fencing and enclosures 
  • Marine and land animal rescue projects working with local indigenous rangers 
  • Environmental clean-up Clean water access

No special skills are required by students; they simply need to pack an open mind and a keenness to commit to physical work in a team environment.

Each Community Project is different.

They can be tailored to ensure it assists with your curriculum and the local community you visit. We don’t work from a template when putting together a Service Learning Project for your school. In consultation with our local operators from around the world – together with community leaders – we’ve identified a long list of very worthwhile projects and initiatives. This website provides some examples of project work however your final project details will be advised during the planning process.

Below is a snapshot of just some of the Community & Service Learning Projects we’ve assisted schools with: 


  • Nepal: Over 20 school renovations, classroom builds 
  • Mongolia: School gym renovation near Ulaangom 
  • Thailand: Volunteer orphanage renovation 
  • Nepal: Kushudebu Public Health Mission project 
  • Peru: Tastayoq library & greenhouse construction 
  • Australia: Aboriginal medical clinic support near Alice Springs 
  • Vietnam: Hill tribe school build 
  • Japan: Tsunami and earthquake cleanup project
  • India: Village teaching session in Jaipur 
  • Cambodia: Orphanage accommodation construction near Siem Reap Laos: Free the Bears rehabilitation project 
  • Kenya: Born Free fence building project 
  • China: Yangshuo school and environmental project 
  • Morocco: Aguersioual village and school renovation Turkey: Demirkazik village school renovation 
  • Bolivia: Lake Titicaca orphanage assistance

It gives me great pleasure in writing a testimonial for World Youth Adventures. The College and I have found World Expeditions to be flawless with their program design, professionalism and particular attention to details over the past 3 years. Without doubt World Expeditions and their on the ground staff are the outdoor adventure specialists in Nepal. They have a proven impeccable safety record and outstanding support / safety network. The College’s Year 11 Tolka Valley program is a fine leading example for a rigorous outdoor education challenge, cultural insight, social justice and community service. Our boys return from Nepal better informed and educated young men, better equipped to tackle future challenges and able to contribute to College and wider community life in a more meaningful and purposeful way.

Cameron Barry