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Father and son at Ghandruk |  <i>Brad Atwal</i> Families walking with donkeys beneath the lofty heights of Mont Blanc |  <i>Kate Baker</i> Family cycling in Northern Laos |  <i>Kate Baker</i> Our family adventure in Peru includes rafting on the Urubumba River |  <i>Robyn Lyons</i> The Andes are a perfect family trekking destination |  <i>Pablo Segovia</i> A relaxing cyling trip through Provence in France |  <i>Philip Wyndham</i> Girl in Cappadocia |  <i>Kate Baker</i>

Overseas Family Adventure Holidays

If you’re school is not in a position to organise an overseas excursion, and you can’t join one of our independent travel journeys for young people, perhaps suggest to your parents that they should consider an overseas Family Adventure.

Everyone benefits from a Family Adventure holiday. Not only will your parents get the opportunity to see some of the world’s most amazing and inspiring landscapes & cultures, so do you!

Feedback from our family travellers overwhelmingly indicates that the growth of their child’s personal development from a family trip overseas provides much more than any other gift that can give you for your birthday or place under a Christmas tree.

They are also much more affordable than you may think.

On a dedicated Family Holiday you’ll join other families. Family friendly adventures are trips they offer that are suitable for a family with children, minimum age typically being 10 or 12. 

For families with children younger than 10 and still yearning for a family adventure travel holiday, many of their itineraries can be tailor made to suit your family’s needs. 

With Family Adventures spanning the globe, including ideas in Asia, India, Europe, New Zealand, the Americas, Africa and much more, there is bound to be a Family Adventure to suit your tribe.

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The below trips are operated by either our parent company World Expeditions or it's European active holiday division, UTracks,


This is a family that fell in love with Peru! Our trip in the Andes was the stand-out of our itinerary, and we even muse about what it might be like to live in Ollantaytambo or nearby for awhile. First of all, the logistics such as all the air travel, ground transport here and there, hotels, food, etc., went without a hitch and worked perfectly for us. The main thing that "made" the trip was, however, our guide. You have a gem there in Renee Flores-Solis, and by the end, we were navigating a relationship that felt part expert guide/part friend. Renee's delivery of archeological and historical Peru was backed up with books provided and museum walks that illustrate various events. His interpretation rings authentic and "real"with us, and we had many hours of conversation about the re-taking of one's heritage. Fascinating and empowering. Our children learned SO much this way. Our Macchu Pichu days were amazing too. He knew exactly how to tackle this site, and we spent a beautiful day there, and even have photos at Mapi with NO one in them due to Renee's planning of crowd avoidance. We imagined Renee's own 12 y.o as we watched his affectionate, playful, and fatherly interactions with our own boys and they adored him.
The Kuryk Family Cambridge, MA

Family Adventure in Peru