10 Pieces Litter Collection for Schools

World Expeditions is proud to be the founding partner of the 10 Pieces initiative and we're thrilled to be inviting World Expeditions travellers to play a part in the solution to the global problem of litter. Find out at www.worldexpeditions.com/10pieces  On treks in the Annapurna and Everest regions as well as a selection of treks in Bhutan travellers can now volunteer to participate in 10 Pieces. We’ll alert you to the opportunity before departure, when you can volunteer to participate.

10 Pieces Litter Collection Initiative For Schools

Did you know that in 2017 our school groups in Nepal will pick up over 1000 pieces of litter collectively from Nepal's wilderness trails?

In 2014, our parent company World Expeditions became a founding partner of 10 Pieces, a litter collection initiative that encourages travellers, both young and old, from around the world to make a positive impact on the environment by taking out more rubbish than they take in.

The focus of the initiative is on litter ‘hotspots’ on mountain trails and is currently offered on treks in Nepal, Bhutan and Peru, as well as our Mount Rinjani and Mount Kilimanjaro summit treks. During the voluntary program, all our student travellers are provided with a branded collection bag for the litter and asked to pick up just ten pieces of litter each day.

While '10' may sound like a small number, it multiplies quickly through the collective power of a group of travellers. In a single day, a group of twelve can remove 120 pieces of litter. If a second group passes through the following day, this quickly grows to 240 pieces and beyond.

Developing countries have limited litter disposal options. Up until recently, many discarded goods such as pottery and bamboo baskets were biodegradable with minimal glass, metal and plastic components. In conjunction with the onset of tourism, modern packaging and non-biodegradable litter has become more prevalent in these countries.

By collecting litter, travellers lead through example and educate mountain communities of the negative consequences of litter for tourism and the health of their animals and people. This is intended to foster a pride in their environment that only has positive outcomes for the community and visitors alike.

When your school joins one of our school journeys in Nepal, Bhutan, Peru, Indonesia or Tanzania, students will have the opportunity to sign up for the 10 Pieces initiative and take the global issue of litter into their own hands.