Making it easy for teachers 

Teachers - we appreciate that you already have a full time job. The thought of taking on such an expedition can be daunting but we assure you it is not. Ask any teacher who has travelled with us before - the advantages will far outweigh any extra efforts required.

We're here to help make the entire process simple, easy & enjoyable. Sure, you will be required to give up some of your extra time and take on the main task of recruiting so that's why we think you should travel for free!


World Youth Adventures are firm believers that travel, adventure and community service (experiential learning) offer ways to develop leadership in your students in ways which are far more effective and engaging that what can be achieved in the class room or on the playing field. 

Being away from home and the assistance which parents provide requires the individual to have good self-discipline and personal organization skills. The need to be resourceful and responsible for your actions and your belongings builds self-awareness and maturity. 

Working alongside and engaging with students from a foreign school, which may be located in remote impoverished village, encourages the students to have a ‘can do’ attitude, to make a difference and have empathy. Working on a common goal such as a community project, with other members of the group engages the student with many important aspects of leadership; project planning, problem solving, decision making, self confidence and then ultimately reflection once the project is complete. 

Often prior to departure the students will engage in fundraising within the school community, this also develops the students leadership capabilities through goal setting and effective networking and communicating.

Our role in the expedition is to take care of the tour logistics and paperwork hassle, leaving you free to recruit students and ultimately enjoy an equally rewarding expedition. 

Our expert guides facilitate and encourage the development of leaders and we can work with you in order to maximize the students learning outcomes and development whilst on one of our expeditions. 

From your very first enquiry, you will be provided with a Youth Adventure Expert who will be your one point of contact to assist you with:

> Selecting an activity and destination to suit your schools needs and budget
> Preparing students at briefings 
> Providing Powerpoint or video presentations 
> Handling parent enquiries
> Keeping you up-to-date with any changes or developments 
> Distributing and collecting any necessary paperwork 
> Risk assessments 
> Providing you with information and inspiration to assist you with recruitment 
> Handling payments and invoicing 
> All travel services from booking international flights, travel insurance, stopovers and assisting with visa information


> Drive student recruitment
> Main point of contact between the School, students, parents and our Youth Adventure Expert 


> Main liaison point between students and our leaders
> Your motivation and enthusiasm for the expedition will be the key to a successful trip so it’s only fair that your place on the expedition is provided free of charge. 
> The first step to getting started is easy. 

Talk to a Youth Adventure Expert now or use our simple online form to start designing your school adventure now.