Do You Have An Adventurous Spirit?

If you agree with the following five statements then you should keep browsing this site.

  1. The world would have to be the most exciting classroom anyone could ever walk into. 
  2. Discovering the world around you can open your mind and broaden your horizons to see way beyond the boundaries and creature comforts of your lives back at home.
  3. At times travelling, especially in the world's more remote and exotic destinations, can be quite challenging. But it can teach you so much about yourself and of course how others live.
  4. Travel should be a mutually beneficial experience that helps to foster respect for the natural world as well as the diverse peoples and cultures that live within it.
    Something that helps develop confidence, resilience, tolerance, problem solving abilities, team work, fitness as well as your other core life skills has to be a good thing (that something is travel!!)
  5. Focused activity in the outdoors helps train the mind, providing an important attribute when it comes to education and career choic


Ok. I Got 5 out of 5. Now What?!

Whatever the reason for you wanting to travel, you should scratch that itch as soon as it is feasible for you to do so.

Travel is more accessible and affordable than ever before and experiencing a life affirming moment in an exotic location in the company of your school peers, some who will become your best friends for life, is a moment every young person should try to grab.

Our website offers a variety of ways for you to achieve this - sustainably. We don't focus on the mainstream destinations and our adventurous trips are utilise the same quality of services and experience offered by our parent company, World Expeditions.

Many young people believe that travelling is something that has to wait until after they finish school… but that isn’t true. Your life changing journey can start right now.


Get in touch about a Custom School Adventure

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