Safety & Risk Management

Our Commitment to Safety

Thanks to careful management and thorough consultation our track record is exemplary. Our industry leading risk management procedures have become a skill that we continue to refine. All of our school group experts are highly trained and experienced consultants who have safety as their number one priority.

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Every leader is first aid trained and are chosen because of their years of experience guiding travellers through wilderness destinations.
A detailed risk assessment is carried out prior to every school group adventure in close consultation with our local ground partners and information from the relevant government advisories.
We will never compromise on the safety of participants to reduce the price of a tour. For example, we only ever utilise private vehicles, rather than public buses, so we can know the maintenance history of the fleet as well as the quality of our licensed drivers.
All leaders carry current communication equipment relevant to the area and itinerary. All leaders have 24 hour access to our teams back in Australia, New Zealand, Canada or the UK.
All participants are required to complete our medical form before departure. Any parent or student with concerns can have their doctor consult free of charge with our internationally recognised wilderness medical consultant, Dr Ross Anderson.
A member of our team will visit your school to supply a pre-trip briefing to outline what to expect. We also supply a detailed document upon registration outlining what to expect, what gear to take and information on getting fit for the tour to ensure students are well prepared. The School and parents will be provided with emergency contact details.
In many destinations we can control the quality of the field arrangements as we own the local operation. Where we don’t, we only work with the most experienced and carefully screened local suppliers.
Thanks to our local teams we are kept informed on important matters before it breaks in the media. Having a trusted local source means saving time in the rare case of emergencies as they are able to swiftly resolve matters, including the re-routing of itineraries, or supplying financial assistance where required to ensure the continuation of the journey.
We have Public Liability insurance up to AU$20m. In Australia we are ATAS accredited, IATA & the Travel Compensation Fund. In the UK we are ATOL licensed and we offer complimentary airline failure insurance when booking your flights with us. In New Zealand we are a member of the Travel Agents Association of NZ. In North America we are a member of TICO in Canada and ATTA in the USA. We can supply comprehensive travel insurance providing complete coverage for your expedition.
Every group leader travels with a comprehensive first aid kit. If you wish, we can also organise for a doctor to travel with the group.
Each group has an adult to student ratio appropriate to the destination and activity.
Our school adventures comply with all local regulations both domestically and internationally. Talk to us to learn more.
Our operations and local ground partners are all provided with our International Operations Manual which clearly outlines the procedures in the case of an emergency. Their experience and our detailed procedures ensure that they are able to resolve any emergency situation. Talk to us to learn more.


To discuss any of the above in more detail contact your nearest Youth Adventure Expert.


Risk Management is simply identifying potential minor and major hazards on a trip and putting in place a plan to avoid or manage that risk. 

Whilst acknowledging that there are inherent risks in all travel that can never be totally eliminated, we endeavour to minimise any risks or dangers that have the potential to lead to any more than a reasonable level of physical or emotional distress for our clients, staff and partners.  


Thanks to our pre and post trip Risk Management strategies, World Youth Adventures has an unblemished safety record.

We recognize that part of the enjoyment and excitement of adventure travel style school trips is derived from the innate risks incurred by travelling and undertaking activities beyond the levels of safety normal at home or school.

That’s why we have a strong commitment to running safe school expeditions and tours, ensuring that our experienced guides are fully aware of the demands of travelling in both urban and remote regions with young people.

Whether your school is travelling to Tasmania or the Himalaya, they will receive a detailed Risk Management document that will detail both minor and major risks and how we plan to keep your students and staff safe.

Our school expeditions draw upon an unrivalled amount of field experience from our parent company, the World Expeditions, and their extensive operational team.

World Expeditions operated their first trek in Nepal in 1975 and now operates active and adventure style trips to every continent on earth.

We go above and beyond the norm to ensure the information on risk supplied is thorough, covering areas from environmental to health, human behaviour to general travel hazards plus more.

The information will be presented in an easily digestible document that can be readily provided or referred to.

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