Life skills are best learned outside of the classroom

By allowing your child to participate on a World Youth Adventures journey you’ll be helping your child develop invaluable life skills that will build their resilience.


During a trip, all students are required to make important decisions in an unfamiliar environment that they typically wouldn’t at home. They might be managing a leadership task on a village school rebuild in Nepal, asking for directions in a busy market in Phnom Penh, or double checking they completed their customs form correctly.


It’s dealing with these repeated character-building moments on a tour that quickly develop a young person’s creative and critical thinking. Students learn to work as a team, to organise themselves and others at times, try new things, refine their leadership skills and become better at problem solving.


Importantly, travel offers a fun and engaging way to learn some of life's most important skills.


One of the most important aspects of students participating on our kind of trips is for them to grow as people. This is something which intrinsically happens when you travel, especially to destinations like we offer. 

The ability for your child to be part of something so unique that offers either a service learning component (community project), a curriculum focus or a physical challenge (cycling, trekking, kayaking) all combine to bring about real growth for a young person in a relatively short period of time. 

Being faced with cultural, physical and emotional challenges develops your childs sense of resilience, problem solving skills, ability to manage personal stress levels and overall develop important life skills.

It’s a big world out there and it’s more than likely that your child will be exploring it at some stage. Wouldn't you prefer them to take their first trip in a safe and carefully managed way? 

Perhaps your child has already been lucky enough to travel overseas with you however travelling independently of their parents is a major step in their life. They will need to manage their own time and work with others to ensure the trip keeps moving along. 

 A World Youth Adventures tour is more than just ‘a trip’. Our responsible travel experiences help to foster respect for the natural world as well as the diverse peoples and cultures that live within it. 

Our safety record is second to none and our trips are operated and managed through our parent company, World Expeditions, one of the world's leading adventure travel companies.

As you may know yourself, overseas travel on a child’s CV can make them much more employable.

We know you’ll have questions and we’re always happy to answer them. Parents are invited to the school presentations so you can get to know more about us and what’s involved with the school expedition. 

Our website will hopefully answer many of the questions you may have about us, what we do and how we do it. If you have any further questions, or perhaps you are researching travel options on behalf of your child or school, please call one of our Youth Adventure Experts to chat in more detail. we know it’s not easy letting them head off on their own big adventure. We have learned though that letting them travel overseas in a safe, managed environment is the best way for them to build that initial confidence. And we're here to help you both through it!