How to Start Planning Your School Expedition

Getting started is really easy. Simple consider the following questions then get in touch with a Youth Adventure Expert to discuss your requirements and they'll essentially do the rest.

The following steps outline exactly how straight forward planning a school group expedition is.


The toughest decision to make is deciding where you want to go! ‘The world is your oyster’ with World Youth Adventures and we offer more destinations and activities than anyone else.

Whether you wish for your students to trek in Nepal, cycle in New Zealand, undertake a community project in Peru or perhaps increase their knowledge of Phaoronic Egypt, World Youth Adventures can assist your objectives by tailoring an active or curriculum based expedition. Browse our adventure styles to see which style suits your requirements.

Once you’ve got a rough idea of what you want to do talk to one of our Youth Adventure Experts. They’ll guide you through the simple process of starting an expedition and propose suitable ideas based on your: 

Budget – helping you plan for your exact needs 
Duration and dates of tour – tailoring the best itinerary to suit your time 
Size of your School Group – a sliding scale of prices can be provided to ensure you save if your group size grows There is no obligation to commit to an expedition during the planning stage. Our team will continue to tailor your expedition until you are satisfied with the itinerary, costs, inclusions and full project details (if applicable).

When your expedition is ready to launch our Youth Adventure Expert can come to your school and inspire and inform both students and their parents with a detailed presentation outlining the trip, how to sign up, explain pre-trip requirements and provide a question and answer session. 

Depending on your location, our team may be able to visit you more than once.

Prior to departure we’ll present a final briefing to ensure everyone feels prepared and excited about the adventure ahead. Topics will include gear requirements, cultural considerations, staying healthy and other useful travel hints and tips.
This is where the fun begins and lifelong memories and friendships are forged!
Just because the tour is over doesn't mean our job is complete! On the groups return we’ll meet with you to discuss the overall experience.