Family Adventures

Overseas Family Adventure Travel Holidays

If you’re school is not in a position to organise an overseas excursion, and you can’t join one of our independent travel journeys for young people, perhaps suggest to your parents that they should consider an overseas Family Adventure.

Everyone benefits from a Family Adventure holiday. Not only will your parents get the opportunity to see some of the world’s most amazing and inspiring landscapes & cultures, so do you!

Feedback from our family travellers overwhelmingly indicates that the growth of their child’s personal development from a family trip overseas provides much more than any other gift that can give you for your birthday or place under a Christmas tree.

They are also much more affordable than you may think.

Family Adventures with World Expeditions

Our parent company, World Expeditions, offer a huge range of dedicated and Family Friendly Adventure Holidays.

On a dedicated Family Holiday you’ll join other families. Family friendly adventures are trips they offer that are suitable for a family with children, minimum age typically being 10 or 12. 

For families with children younger than 10 and still yearning for a family adventure travel holiday, many of their itineraries can be tailor made to suit your family’s needs. 

With Family Adventures spanning the globe, including ideas in Asia, India, Europe, New Zealand, the Americas, Africa and much more, there is bound to be a Family Adventure to suit your tribe.