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To whom it may concern,

As a teacher, outdoor educator and trip organiser I can strongly attest to both the professionalism and diligence demonstrated by World Expeditions and/or World Youth Adventures on behalf of Elisabeth Murdoch College. 

After careful consideration over a long period, World Expeditions was chosen to plan and prepare a three-week expedition to Nepal. The organisation was selected after careful consideration of their experience in the region, especially with taking school groups, and a number of recommendations by other schools.

Throughout the entire process, World Expeditions proved to live up to all expectations and thoroughly demonstrated that they are a reliable company with the knowledge, skills and experience to run such a program. They obviously care about the needs of students, parents, teachers and the school, and were entirely flexible both before and during the trip. Their staff, both in Australia and overseas, made the expedition possible and worked tirelessly to make sure that everything was taken care of. 

As a teacher who works in an outdoor education program, I can strongly testify to the fact that World Expeditions run a great operation with all safety and risk management concerns catered for. 

The Nepal expedition program at Elisabeth Murdoch College will use World Expeditions in the years to come.


Brodie Clapperton



Perth Mod Team B had a FANTASTIC time in Nepal!! 


We were very impressed with the tour WYA put together. The itinerary was great with a mix of trails, accommodation, snow, remoteness, and  villages. The project at the primary school was really rewarding and the students worked hard and certainly got a lot out of the fact that it was a genuine project. 


The Nepalese team- guides, cooks,  porters, etc, involved with us were exceptional!!! The whole thing ran like a well oiled machine! Everybody was friendly and professional.


I would particularly like to mention some individuals as they went out of their way to ensure a great experience for all.  If you are not the person to send the compliments to, can you please forward it to the right person. (I think some of the last names are not spelt correctly - hopefully you can work out who I mean).


Sujan Khatn was outstanding as our tour leader. He was at all times friendly, attentive, responsive and well organised. He was also extremely knowledgeable about illness and medications. He was a great communicator and let us know information in a timely manner. He is absolutely the best tour leader I have come across in any school tour. John Harris and I had every confidence in the decisions he needed to make as a tour leader.


Sherpa guides, Subus Rai and Govinda Khatri encouraged the students during the day, served us during mealtimes and still found time to play cards or various games with the students. Throughout the project, they worked side by side with the students as well.  Most nights they were singing and dancing with the kids encouraging them to learn Nepalese songs, teaching the students about Nepalese culture and generally making the kids feel at home. Again, they were friendly, approachable and hard working.


The cook, Ram Rai, was amazing!! Ram along with Bikram and Kamal whipped up an amazing variety of meals. We were in awe watching them work. They still managed to find the energy to join the activities many evenings. Everybody loved the food, especially the hot chocolate and biscuits at 4.30!!!


These guys were competent, hard-working and friendly. They are great ambassadors for Nepal as well as for World Youth Adventures. Needless to say the students were a bit teary, leaving their new Nepali friends.


It was hard work, but I enjoyed it as well!!!


Kind regards

Val Furphy
Associate Principal
Perth Modern School


KiS-JeJu and its faculty has been working with World Youth Adventures (WYA) since 2011 on delivering a unique program for its students.

Our focus is on three core educational principals that WYA fully supports and extends for us beyond borders, including adventure, learning, and service. 

The tremendous value of this experiential education model was best summarized by one of our students after we returned to Jeju this year. She said something like this: "I am not sure who I want to be, or what I want to do. What I know now is that I want to work with people. I want to help people. It feels right and it feels good!" 

Since one of our school's values is to educate "... well-rounded graduates [that] will lead responsibly and build positive change around the world;" we are true to our promise, and WYA play an important role in making this vision real for us. 

I am grateful to Philip Wyndham from WYA, Beth Fitzerrald, our Service Learning and Leading Coordinator; to all the other wonderful people here at our school, friends and colleagues at the WYA offices, and the respective countries guides for making our dreams come true." 

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Z. Amos Stamp-Jerabek, MA, M.Ed. 
Head of Student Services and Special Programs 

Korea International School, Jeju Campus

World Youth Adventures was unequivocally able provide our students and staff with a physically and emotionally challenging expedition that gave all of us a greater understanding of the Sherpa people and a real sense that we had contributed to a local community by providing, through our involvement in the community project, something useful and tangible to the wonderful people of the valley. 


Their attention to detail from all sides of the expedition from the staff on the ground in Australia, to the Sherpa guides, cooks, porters and Kathmandu staff was beyond reproach and made the expedition such a memorable event in the lives of our students and staff.



Richard J. Crighton
Senior Academic Master- Stage 5 (Acting), 
Head of Geography, Reid Housemaster|
Knox Grammar School



Traveling thousands of miles from Seoul to Nepal with a group of high school students is not for the faint of heart. But it turned out to be an incredibly rich and enjoyable experience for all of us, thanks to our partnership with World Youth Adventures. From start to finish we were the hands of professionals.  In fact it was so great; we're doing it again, but this time to Sri Lanka.


Brian Hall

HS Social Studies

Seoul Foreign School


Everything was awesome!  

The bus was comfortable, the food and restaurants chosen were top notch, and the itinerary was a perfect mix of action and rest.  Working with the TREAK Community Center was outstanding and valuable, both for us and the children of Cambodia.  I truly believe that the trip to Cambodia blew our student's mind and helped them gain perspective that will shape the adults they will become.

Thanks to everyone.

Collin Wood Tanzey
English Language A: Language and Literature


Please accept our huge thanks from the Students and Staff for this year's fantastic trip to Italy and Greece. The planning by you and your operators was flawless. Each connection was there as planned and the service provided was top class. The hotels were also all excellent.


The extra services provided for us by the Greek operator, Kalliope, in particular were much appreciated. Having private transfers allowed in Crete and Santorini was really helpful. For example, in Santorini, it meant that we could use the coach to go to the beach after visiting the site of Akrotiri and the boys really enjoyed the luxury of sitting on sun beds and swimming (European style). 


The boys enjoyed the trip so much that they didn't want to come home. All of them commented on how well organised the trip was and on the generosity of World Youth Adventures in providing the extra services listed above.

When we arrived home, the parents were effusive in their praise for how much their sons enjoyed themselves!

Without World Youth Adventures it would have been more expensive for us to organise these trips and that many of our boys, being from a Government School, may not have had the opportunity to travel on this fantastic trip. 
Ours is one of the few Government schools that organises Overseas History Excursions, and we definitely offered more value and a longer trip for our students than any other trips that I have seen advertised by other History teachers and Tour Companies.
The other bonus of going with your company was that we could organise special made to measure small group tours, which made the whole experience more fun and allowed us to target our itinerary to the specific needs of our students.
Thank you so much for giving the boys a trip of a lifetime.
Please pass on this thank you message to your operators and to everyone else in your company.

Thanks again,
Karen Mould
Randwick Boys' High School


As a teacher, administrator and trip organiser at Scotch College Melbourne, I have known and worked with World Expeditions since 1991. I regard the organisation to be dedicated and highly professional, and I believe that WE has the skills, the knowledge and the experience qualifying them to assist schools operate worthwhile educational trips in Australia and throughout the world.

Upon my appointment at Scotch College in 1991, I witnessed the return of the inaugural Nepal Expedition and was regaled with praise for WE by the staff members in the touring party. In 1993 I accompanied a large group to Nepal as 2IC and found that WE made extraordinarily appropriate decisions in the field when adverse weather caused the need to adjust immediately our planning, the result of which was an enhancement of the overall experience. In 1997 the school again travelled to Nepal with WE and Ian Williams (VIC schools manager) was a part of this expedition. Upon our return trip, Ian, a colleague and I developed a plan to take a select group to Mt Everest base camp, which we did in 2001. (Another trip to high altitude was conducted in 2003 by other colleagues and WE.) In 2005 WE and Ian helped plan and execute a trip to Peru where we trekked in remote areas and descended into Machu Picchu from the rainforest. Every one of these trips, and several others which I have not accompanied, was well conceived, planned and executed in a cooperative and professional manner.

World Expeditions have always acted in the best interests of the students and the staff of Scotch College Melbourne, demonstrating tireless dedication to the success of our trips, while offering strong support for our desire for adventure, flexible cohesion and economy. Ian Williams has been a fine representative and spokesperson on behalf of World Expeditions representing both his organisation and Scotch College in many situations.

I have no hesitation recommending World Expeditions to you as experienced, very knowledgeable and highly skilled educational travel provider. I believe that engaging WE would enhance and advance any plans that any school has for its students.

Ken Wheat
Head of Upper School

King’s Bruton has enjoyed an excellent partnership with WYA for many years.  As part of our popular Gap Year Programme we rely exclusively on WYA for the management of our fund raising expeditions each year.  We have experienced nothing but professionalism, dependability and commitment to our ethos.  At the locations of our expeditions we have found the local ground agents to be highly reliable and well respected in their communities.  World Youth Adventures have delivered first rate experiences for our teams in North Africa and in the Sinai Peninsula and we look forward to many more years of effective partnership.


Rev. Nigel Wilson-Brown,

Chaplain, King’s Bruton.